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Wetiko – The dream made real

In the following condensed articles I will do a simple “copy/paste” essay on what Wetiko is and why it is VITALY important that you read the works of Paul Levy, his personal story and the deep insights to this dramatic stage in the psyche of humanity.

I have personally been thru MANY of the experiences Mr. Levy discusses in his book, and feel now – at this time in our evolution, we must pay closer attention to what is being played out in the world, within ourselves, and within the collective psyche.

For a list of Paul Levy’s essays on this subject click here > Awaken in The Dream

The idea of a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul (which has been wreaking havoc throughout human history) is what the Native Americans call wetiko

The term wetiko is a Cree term (windigo in Ojibway, wintiko in Powhatan)

“The wetiko virus is like a parasite that literally feeds off, takes over and aberrates the currency of the infected system. The wetiko-pathogen originally manifests as a disturbance in the field of the collective unconscious of humanity itself, creating the psychic ley lines upon which world events are erected and energized. The origin of this virulent disease is to be discovered within the psyche.

Because of the psychic nature of wetiko, it serves us to understand the psychological underpinnings of the virus, which is to say, how it affects our day to day relationships and lives.

We begin to ‘see’ the bug when we are able to get in focus and recognize its’ psychological signature in both ourselves and others. The fact that the source of the “wetiko-germ is within the psyche which means that the cure for this disease lies hidden within the psyche as well.”

The wetiko psychosis is at the very root of humanity’s inhumanity to itself in all its various forms. As a species, we need to step into – and participate with – our own spiritual and psychological evolution, which means that we must focus our attention on and contemplate this ‘topic of topics’ before this virulent madness destroys us.

“Up until this point in our history we have been too easily distracted by the ruses of the wetiko bug itself. The disease itself is now demanding that we pay attention to it, or it will kill us. Its cure is the most pressing and fundamental issue facing us today.

Author and environmental activist Derrick Jensen writes in his foreword to Jack D. Forbes book about wetiko psychosis, “Columbus and other Cannibals is, I think, the most important book ever written on one of the most important topics ever faced by human beings: why is the dominant culture so excruciatingly, relentlessly, insanely, genocidally, ecocidally, suicidally destructive?”[i] 

Historian Arnold Toynbee points out that “a civilization doesn’t die from being invaded from the outside, but unless it creates culture which nourishes the evolution of the creative spirit, a civilization invariably commits suicide.”

As if possessed – our civilization is, trance-like, sleepwalking in a death-march towards our own demise. The most pressing and inevitable question of our time is not just ‘why?’ but more urgently, how can we stop this seemingly out-of-control, self-destructive, hell-bent part of ourselves?

Wetiko disease is an expression of the convincing illusion of the separate self gone wild. Bewitched by the intrinsic projective tendencies of their own mind, full-blown wetikos are unconsciously doing the very thing they are reacting to while simultaneously accusing other people of doing it.

Projecting the shadow onto others, they will accuse others of projecting the shadow onto them. To use an extreme, but prototypical example, it is like someone screaming that you’re killing them as they kill you.

If their insanity is reflected back to them, they think it is the mirror that is insane. Suffering from a form of psychic blindness that believes itself to be sightedness, full-blown wetikos project out their own unconscious blindness and imagine that others, instead of themselves, are the ones who are not seeing.

“Governed by the insane, self-perpetuating logic of fear and paranoia, those taken over by the disease fear that if they don’t attack and rule over others, they are in danger of being attacked and ruled over themselves. In their convoluted, upside-down, flawless illogic, wetikos’ act to their own projections in the world as if they objectively exist and are other than themselves, thinking that they themselves have nothing to do with creating that to which they are reacting.” (please see Aparticipatory Delusional Syndrome (ADS)).

Someone fully taken over by the wetiko bug is like a kitten endlessly reacting to her reflection in a mirror as if it is another kitten separate from and other than herself. The evil we see in the full-blown wetikos is a reflection of our own evil; if we don’t recognize this, we will just be projecting our shadow onto them. We are then guilty of the very same thing (shadow projecting) we are essentially reacting to and of which we are accusing them.

In wetiko disease, the psyche takes the ‘terror’ that haunts it from within, and in its attempt to master it, unwittingly becomes taken over by it, thus becoming an instrument of terror in the world. We have then become the thing we most feared, ‘creatures of the European nightmare world,’ as we psychologically terrorize ourselves, as well as terrorizing the world at large. 

Wetiko is the bug which feeds the experience of terror within our mind and out in the world, fueling one of its more prominent manifestations in our world today: the ‘Global War on Terror.’ 

Most of the above article was taken from an essay in Realty Sandwich 

Below is an audio interview with Paul Levy. The radio introduction is nothing short of obnoxious, so skip ahead to the interview portion and dig right in.


The Reality of Me

I ran across this web site thru my usual ways. Kind of like rummaging thru an old box of papers and notes. 

One thing leads to another, and before you know it, the day is consumed with clicks and links. 

This is one of those “gold mines”, and I felt it needed to be passed along. A full study site. I love it. Something to bookmark to come back and pick up where you left off.

So here it is… a gift for you. 

TROM – The reality of ME ~ Click HERE  for Trom Web Site

“The TROM documentary is trying to present, in a simplistic way, the world in which we, human beings, live. The world discovered so far, not some idea or personal choice. Moreover we tried to present alternative solutions to current problems and took into account the future, which promises to be more than interesting. An informative documentary, perhaps shocking and disturbing to many, depending on how you digest the information.

The documentary is divided into chapters and sub-chapters due to documentary’s excessive length (13 hours). Also all the parts are connected.

The documentary and website are concentrated, so it is essential to read additional information which can be found in descriptions beside each section and the video player.”

(h) The Reality of Me (2011) Trailer from TROM documentary on Vimeo.

Dolphins are non-human persons

This really IS a paradigm shift!  Dolphins have a complex language, each dolphin has a name, already 200 dolphin words have been deciphered, their brains are superior to those of great apes and now scientists in Vancouver have declared them officially to be ‘non-human persons’.  Forget aliens and such, we have non-human intelligent species right here on Earth.

Read more: http://www.thegic.org/profiles/blogs/dolphins-formally-declared-non-human-persons-by-scientists#ixzz1ngXq3QP3

Dolphins are so intelligent that they should be thought of as ‘non-human persons’ and given their own bill of rights, it is claimed.

A coalition of scientists, philosophers and animal welfare groups have come up with a declaration of dolphin rights which they hope will one day be enshrined in law.

This would stop them being kept in zoos and waterparks, and being attacked by fishermen.

Flippin' heck: A coalition of scientists are calling for a bill of rights to protect dolphins like bottlenose Fungie

Flippin’ heck: A coalition of scientists are calling for a bill of rights to protect dolphins like bottlenose Fungie

Whales would also be elevated above other animals by the list of rules, leading to whalers being classed as murderers, the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual conference heard in Vancouver.

Whale watching trips would be subject to regulations which would respect the creatures’ privacy, and developers and oil companies would have to give huge consideration to the effect their projects would have on the animals’ life and culture.



  • Given the opportunity, dolphins will watch TV and follow instructions delivered on the screen. Chimps do this only after months of training. 
  • Dolphins can be taught to understand human words, sentences and demands.
  • Like humans, dolphins are altruistic and there are examples of them going to the aid of swimmers and surfers attacked by sharks. 
  • They use body language. The ‘side-flop’, jumping clear of the water and landing on their side, is thought to mean: ‘I want to go now.’
  • They have regional accents, with the whistles made by those off Wales different to those living off the Irish coast.
  • They have a form of adult onset diabetes but are able to turn it on and off. Learning how they do this could lead to new treatments for the human form of the condition.
  • Males woo females by presenting them with gifts from bouquets of weed to sticks and lumps of marine debris.


Philosopher Thomas White said: ‘Scientific evidence is now strong enough to support the claim that dolphins are, like humans, self-aware, intelligent beings with emotions and personalities.

‘Accordingly, dolphins should be regarded as “non-human persons” and valued as individuals. From an ethical perspective, the injury, deaths and captivity of dolphins are wrong.’

Those who drew up the bill of rights are known as the Helsinki Group and include UK members of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

They say that thanks to advances in science, it is clear that dolphins are extremely intelligent, complex and sensitive mammals.

The bill of rights states that every individual member of the cetacean order – whales, dolphins and porpoises – has a right to life.  

It also says that no one has the right to own the creatures or to do anything that undermines their rights, freedoms or norms.

Its authors are using the Vancouver conference to try to get more scientists and members of the public on their side. They believe this is a step towards eventually persuading governments to enshrine the principles in law.

When brain weight is compared with body weight, the dolphin has the second-largest brain on the planet after humans.

The conference heard that dolphins are self-aware – they can recognise themselves in the mirror. 

There are also examples of them grieving for lost calves, feeding ailing pod mates and co-operating with fishermen when there is a meal in it for them.

In Laguna, Brazil, when a shoal of fish enters the lagoon, the dolphins herd it towards the fishermen. Any fish that escape their nets provide an easy meal.

Cruel: The 'bill' would make it illegal to keep the highly intelligent animals at waterparks

Cruel: The ‘bill’ would make it illegal to keep the highly intelligent animals at waterparks

Intrusion: Whale watching trips would be subject to regulations which would respect the creatures' privacy

Intrusion: Whale watching trips would be subject to regulations which would respect the creatures’ privacy

At Dingle, south-west Ireland, a bottlenose nicknamed Fungi regularly entertains sightseers in boats.  

Perhaps the most striking example of dolphin intelligence involves Kelly, a member of a pod at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi which were rewarded with fish for clearing up litter from their pool.

Each piece of litter equated to one fish. To raise her intake of fish, Kelly tore the litter into pieces and presented them one by one.

One day, she caught a gull and was given a large haul of fish for her efforts.

She then started to use the fish she won for litter picking to lure gulls into her jaws.

She also taught the tactic to her calf, which passed it on to other youngsters in the pod.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2104034/A-rights-dolphins-Theyre-smart-treat-non-human-persons-say-scientists.html#ixzz1ngXbahD7

Turbowolf with Graham Hancock

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Been ultra busy getting another site ready. (I’ll post it up here when it launches).

In the mean-time… this is pretty interesting.

“In the second of a series of four episodes, Turbowolf interview Graham Hancock at The Roman Baths in Bath. Graham Hancock is one of the foremost authorities on Ancient Mysteries, having written numerous bestselling non-fiction books on the subject such as ‘Fingerprints Of The Gods’, ‘The Sign & The Seal’, ‘Heavens Mirror’ and ‘Supernatural’ and, recently, the fantasy adventure novel Entangled. 

Turbowolf released their self-titled debut album in November 2011, a blend of dirty rocknroll, punked-up riffs & psychedelic noise. The band are about to embark on a European tour starting 23/2 in London. Their shared fascination with the esoteric & the mysterious lead to this meeting of minds. 

In this episode Graham & the band discuss the mystery of the possible survival of death by human consciousness, the ancient Egyptian quest for the immortality of the soul, the encoding of advanced scientific information in ancient myths, some of the evidence from ancient Egypt and the Andes for the existence of a lost civilisation, and the danger, unless we change our ways, that our own civilisation could become the next Atlantis.”

 In the second of a series of four episodes, Turbowolf interview Graham Hancock at The Roman Baths in Bath. Graham Hancock is one of the foremost authorities on Ancient Mysteries, having written numerous bestselling non-fiction books on the subject such as ‘Fingerprints Of The Gods’, ‘The Sign & The Seal’, ‘Heavens Mirror’ and ‘Supernatural’ and, recently, the fantasy adventure novel Entangled.

DO NO HARM – following a powerful truth isn’t easy

… aaand we’re off!!.. to a rousing start here at the beginning of 2012. Congress is being “brought out of the closet” (finally) by the Pres. and actually getting coverage by mainstream media. (!?!)

More awareness than ever before in our human history – of those things “non-physical” i.e. time contraction, high/low energy swings, strong feelings, odd sensations, clarity of other’s needs, strange dreams, weird kind of dizziness, strange sounds everywhere – The thing I referred to in an earlier post as the “alchemical meat grinder”. I just put a title to what I’ve been reading from other peoples comments and hearing about from clients, and feelings within myself.

Which brings me to the title of this piece… “DO NO HARM”

Just a little background on the statement… I began with this thought in my heart sometime last summer after an experience I refer to as “the event” (not the TV show, although that was very interesting)… but something way personal for me – a full on paradigm shifter. 

As I moved into this year – just within a short 4 weeks, that statement continues ticker-taping across my mind more and more. I have said before how it goes…. “Once you stake a claim on a belief or a truth, the testing begins”. I understand why the testing must happen, and I know it will continue until my reactions fall in alignment with the truth – but WOW this is hard.

The constant awareness of opposites was the first to show up. The “us and them” factor followed and is closely tied to “who would I be if I had nothing to fight?” I began to realize how absurd my internal voices were and how they are constantly trying to solve the never ending non-solvable “who-dun-it” mystery, by subtly blaming myself and others for my misery and mistakes. Exhausting I tell you! – and not only that, but I think it is exactly WHY I feel exhausted most of the time. (searching for the “thing” that’s causing my discomfort)

I’m being gut level honest here, I have not a clue how to shut off the crazy banter in my head, but the gentle ticker-tape reminder (Do No Harm) along with a strong “I’m sorry” (Ho’oponopono) is helping little by little. 

I am spending more time alone, wanting more time with the feeling of not harming. It takes a concerted amount of focus to stay still in the mind, not an easy task at all, and to add a little personal info – it is NOT meditation. This is what I’ve got to throw at it (the mind-muddle), it’s my little piece of participation, activism, and responsibility. I take it VERY seriously, as the cosmic “testing” will attest. 

I figure, with anything we do in accordance with a higher law or understanding, comes the contrast – just as stark. It’s how we do it down here. I expect it. I often fail the test … but I won’t stop trying.

 Take the time … it’s worth it, and inspiring.